2012 Mapping Contest Awards
January 27, 2012 

Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors holds an annual mapping and platting contest and the winning entries are announced at the Surveyor’s Institute. Contestants throughout Wisconsin submit their entries for various mapping categories. This year Tim Paulson received the third place award for his “Plat of Survey” entry. Jim Simpson received the second place award for his erosion control plan that was submitted in the “Miscellaneous Mapping” category.  Congratulations to Tim and Jim for the Society’s recognition of their skill and quality of their maps.

Major Credit Cards and Paypal Now Accepted
September 20,2011 

We are now accepting payment by all major credit cards and PayPal. Please let us know if you wish pay for your project in this manner. We will send you an e-mail with a link for your payment. Thank you for your continued business!

Services Provided

Certified Survey Maps 
A certified survey map is a land division of four or less lots (including outlots).
Flood Plain Mapping and FEMA Certification 

Erosion Control and Storm Water Permitting and Applications

Subdivision Platting 
A subdivision is a land division of more than four lots (including outlots).

Topographic and As-Built Mapping
Mapping topographic information to your standards including an ALTA survey if you desire. 

Foundation Location Services 

GPS Location Services 

Zoning Descriptions and Assistance 

Home and Construction Staking 

Individual Property and Boundary Surveys 
A survey used for describing, monumenting, locating boundary lines of or mapping one or more parcels of land.  Care should be taken because some individuals may sometimes call this survey “Certified Survey Map” when they more accurately mean “a survey certified by a registered land surveyor.”  Usually this survey does not divide land. 

Site Planning 

Driveway Design 

Annexation Mapping 

Easement Mapping and Descriptions 

2-C Certification 

Condominium Platting 

Right-of-way Plats and Transportation Project Plats